As Shark Week continues, we thought it’d be awesome to share some of this year’s best man-meets-shark videos that we could find. Below are our top 3! For more ‘must watch’ #ExtraSharky videos, click here!

Jimmy Roseman’s harrowing footage of being face-to-face with a 12-foot great white garnered 1,600 shares and a serious debate in the comments as to whether he “provoked the animal.” (He did not.)

Yes, it’s a great white named “Colossus,” and yes, it jumps out of the water majestically to devour seals in an awe-inspiring display of power and grace. And yes, people are looking for it.

“Could be over 20 foot long” is something that gets said out loud in this video. Her name is Deep Blue. We’re very pleased to meet her … we think.

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