Have a great product idea? Learn low cost / high return inventing from Carrie Jeske. The As Seen On TV (ASOTV) is the fastest, least expensive way to make money on a new product idea.

Sell your idea without a patent, using a simple hand made prototype and home made demo video. Learn to invent products for the As Seen On TV shelf space at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Bed, Bath & Beyond and more. Carrie Jeske teaches creating techniques that will inspire you to problem solve and create unique new product ideas and inventions.

Carrie is a direct licensee through www.Willitlaunch.com and manages a team of product scouts and licensing agents, through www.InventiveIdeas.com helping others learn to develop a keen eye for new product innovation.

Carrie Jeske is recommended and trusted by inventors and manufactures around the world. She offers candid and respectful feedback, encouraging inventors to follow a specific sequence to avoid costly mistakes.

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